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käsitöö kingitused sünnipäevaks, tähtpäevaks, ärikingituseks

Have you ever wondered why we make handmade gifts and what makes a gift the 'perfect gift'? Why make birthday craft gifts, gifts for a business partner or cooperation partner, not to mention Christmas gifts. Why bother with it and what we offer you can read in the article below.

Shopping malls and streets are full of different possibilities. How many of us are looking for the perfect gift for our loved ones. But it is often hard to find the right gift, the one that will make both the recipient and the giver of the gift shine and will be remembered for years.

The science of gift giving comes from the fact that we want to express to someone that we care and that they are important to us. “But the best gifts aren't necessarily the ones we spend the most money on. The value of the gift to the recipient can be increased in various ways. For example, providing an experience is often well received.

So, before you hit the shops to find the perfect gift, we have one idea and piece of advice to give you:

Money, money, money

A gift doesn't have to be scary expensive and with fancy frills and frills. Although these circumstances can also be very pleasant and remain in memory for a long time. Our craft gift is uplifting and emotion based. After all, a product that is very similar to the original does not attract much attention, especially if it has been seen hundreds of times. However, if changes have been made to the original, which the recipient of the gift later discovers, sincere joy and emotion is guaranteed.

Our idea is simple and affordable for the gift maker.

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