We offer special types of paper and vinyl stickers.

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We offer special types of paper and vinyl stickers. The basic stickers we make are as follows:

Simple Square Stickers: (cut into separate stickers). The simplest and most affordable type of stickers that can be printed on both paper and vinyl. They are generally used as labels, price tags or some other informative print.

Specially shaped (cut out) stickers.

Attractive and easy-to-use stickers that are printed on A3 sheets (digital printing) and larger sheets. Stickers can be made from paper or vinyl and in the desired shape. The advantage of special-shaped stickers over square stickers is that they are easier to remove from the sheets (for square stickers, the back of each sticker must be removed separately). These stickers can be made in any shape, from 5x5mm to 50x100cm.

Text stickers (letters and logos on view windows)

Very popular for use on display windows or vehicles. Stickers are made by cutting out the necessary shapes from plain PVC material and removing the background. Text stickers are ready to be applied to windows, metal or any other smooth adhesive surface.

Paper stickers and vinyl stickers are two different types of stickers that can be used to decorate windows, furniture, walls, cars and other items. The main differences between these two decals are their materials, durability and installation methods.

Paper stickers

Paper stickers are made of a semi-light and breathable material that is on paper, and they help to create some grace in the home during the warmer seasons. This pasting is quite easy to install, as they are usually produced with sticky tape on the back. Paper stickers can be removed without damaging the silicone or other wall surfaces.

Vinyl decals are probably the most popular alternative to paper tape. They are made of a hard and opaque material that helps ensure that colors and designs last for a long time as a top layer that is strong and resistant to both sun and moisture. A vinyl sticker is much more durable than a paper sticker and can be used continuously outdoors. The installation process is a bit longer because the vinyl sticker needs to be treated with temperature and humidity before it is fully bonded to the surface.

Both paper and vinyl stickers help to make the room more decorative and make its owner look at the room more exciting. The main difference between processed sticker and installation technologies is the details of their appearance and longevity. Everyone chooses which type of sticker best suits the room and the arrangement of the item.

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