What is digital printing? Digital printing possibilities.

digitrükk kangale

Digital printing is one of the technologies that has caused a lot of confusion among people who are not familiar with printing.

Digital printing is not in itself a special type of printing technology in the sense of how the design is printed on the material. Digital printing combines a whole range of technologies, the main difference from traditional printing methods is the absence of a printing form. Another indicator is the ability to use variable data when printing. The decline of printed editions is a phenomenon common to all parts of polygraphy. The number of names increases and the number of prints decreases. All this requires flexibility and dynamism in print production. There is a need to pass on the same material with small changes to different consumers. A small print run is characteristic of both the book and even the label.

The history of digital printing

The widespread use of computers in prepress made it possible to solve many problems that were previously unsolvable. However, there was still a need to prepare photo forms for printing. This, however, increased the cost of printing.. Since 1993, many companies started to manufacture devices that made it possible to transmit information from the computer directly to the output device - the printing press. This year is considered the beginning of digital printing. However, all this was made possible by the creation of a new computer language in 1985.

Concept of digital printing

Digital printing terminology has not yet settled down. Because of this, different authors use this term sometimes in a narrower sense, sometimes in a broader sense. Digital printing includes a whole series of different technologies, which are based on different physical-chemical processes. It is difficult to collect them under one concept. Because of this, terms such as:

Contactless printing
Computer printing
Digital printing

In most cases, however, the term digital printing is used. Here, digital printing is understood as a printing technology in which information is obtained in discrete form. There is usually no classic print form. However, a debatable issue is whether such devices can be included under digital printing, in which printing forms are made directly in the printing press using information obtained from computers. This is about matching the pre-printing processes with the printing press. Currently, such technology is used both on offset machines and on printing machines using risography.

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