Work clothes with company logo.

Firma Logoga Tööriided

Work clothes with the company logo are a good advertisement for the company!

An employee with polite work clothes and a nice logo always catches the eye. This turns out to be a good advertisement for the company, and it is not news either, if it is precisely because of this that new customers appear. After all, we all like a polite appearance and often decisions are made based on the first impression. That's why we recommend work clothes with our company logo, which is a good advertisement for the company. Uniform uniforms and work clothes also create a team feeling, which is often needed in a company team. Hence the uniform uniform of non-military and sports teams to emphasize the team's unity and togetherness.

Who wouldn't want the team to be united and act like one fist. Therefore, a small solution such as a company logo on work clothes is a good advertisement, and at the same time gives the employees a sense of unity and a team look. In difficult conditions, good work clothes are also a good motivator for the employee. There is a lot to gain with work clothes with a company logo, and the cost remains secondary to the gain.

The selection of work and leisure clothes is very wide on the market. Consult us before you decide.

Think about it:

In which field of activity are the clothing items used?
What is the climate or season like?
What colors are used in your company's logo and what color clothes do you choose?
Work clothes with the company logo must be the right size for the wearer!
You can find high-quality work clothes at MG Design! We believe that a good working day starts with good work clothes. We offer a wide selection of workwear from quality Scandinavian brands such as L.Brador, Fristads, Acode, Blåkläder, Texstar, etc. - clothes, work trousers/jackets, shirts, sweaters, jackets, vests, underwear, hats, tool belts and all possible workwear accessories. Our expert and helpful team is always at your service - we can find smart, comfortable and stylish work clothes that suit the nature of your work.

Brand products we offer: Blåkläder, Fristads, L.Brador

When washing work clothes with the company logo, we recommend washing the clothes inside out and at a water temperature of up to 40 °C. Some of the films we use allow washing up to 60°C, but ask beforehand if your logo can withstand it. The hot-pressed logo must not be ironed.

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