heat transfer

When applying heat transfer to a shirt or fabric, the image is printed on a film and pressed on the shirt or fabric at a temperature of 100–150 °C. Heat transfer is mainly used for printing logos on work and advertising clothing. It is suitable for printing sponsor logos, numbers, and names on sportswear and team uniforms. The field of application of hot stamping is extensive, ranging from clothes to umbrellas.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a technology that has caused much confusion among people who are not familiar with printing. Digital printing is not a special type of printing technology in the sense of how a design is printed on a material. Digital printing combines many technologies and the main difference from traditional printing methods is that printing plates are not used. Another feature is the possibility to use variable data when printing.


Are you looking for long-lasting print products that come in a variety of colors and with a high resolution? Graphic clothing, home décor, and advertising displays with the best designers use the process of color sublimation to achieve vibrant and timeless graphics. This means that in sublimation printing, a work of art is transferred to an object in a gaseous state using a high-temperature hot press. It differs from traditional printing methods in that it does not involve a liquid step.

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