Embroidery on cloth, embroidery of logos

Embroidery (eng.k. embroidery) is a technique used to decorate fabrics with needle and thread.

Machine embroidery allows you to add long-lasting logos and custom designs to your clothing or accessories. It's perfect if you want to create professional work uniforms for your employees or long-lasting uniforms for your sports team. The embroidery itself usually lasts longer than the base fabric on which it is embroidered.

But what is machine embroidery, how does it work, and what are the benefits of choosing this method over another? We are here to answer any questions you may have about the process. Read on to learn more.

What is machine embroidery?

The term "machine embroidery" refers to the use of a sewing machine or special embroidery machine to create a pattern on a textile of your choice. It is most commonly used for commercial purposes as it is a great tool for branding products or uniforms, but it can also be used for purely decorative purposes to create patterns. There are two main types of machine type: free-motion and computerized.

With free-motion machine embroidery, designs are created with a standard zigzag sewing machine, but this can be quite restrictive. It is also labor-intensive and very time-consuming, as the embroiderer must develop the design by hand using different settings on the sewing machine.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, computerized machine embroidery is controlled by a computer. These industrial and commercial embroidery machines have a hoop or frame system that keeps the fabric under the sewing needles taut in the embroidery area. The machine then automatically moves the area to create the design based on the pre-programmed digital embroidery pattern.

What does embroidered mean?

If an accessory or piece of clothing is embroidered, it means that it has patterns sewn onto it with thread. This can be done for practical or decorative purposes: for example, a business owner might want to embroider his company logo on his employees' polo shirts, while a bride-to-be might want some fun embroidered for her T-shirt.

Logo digitization for embroidery.

Digitizing embroidery is the process of converting an existing graphic, such as a company logo, into a stitch file that can then be read by an embroidery machine and used to copy the garment's design. We are experts in digitizing artwork for embroidery and offer this service to anyone who wants to have their clothing or accessories embroidered - you don't have to come to us with a ready-made design.

Advantages of machine printing

If you want the garments and accessories to be branded or embellished with a design of your choice, you can consider other techniques such as printing and hand embroidery. However, machine embroidery has several advantages that make it the most suitable for certain projects, and we will describe them here.

It is reliable
It's high quality.

Which products can embroider company logos?

Almost all textile products can be embroidered:

t-shirts, fleeces, polo shirts, sauna towels, scarves, work clothes, beanies, aprons, shopping bags, softshell polo shirts, etc.


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